Just Playin’ Around

I love speculating about life on a spacecraft. What do the astronauts do for fun while in space? I want to know. I have already investigated what they eat, where they sleep, and how they take care of personal needs. I don’t suppose they just sit and talk during a lull. No doubt they are talking or testing someone back home, usually a spouse. If this isn’t enough to fill the time, they can listen to music, watch videos, or play games. Each one probably takes turns deciding for the group if they want to stick together. Do you think they want alone time? I guess they are the type given the isolation of the space experience. Fortunately, there are ample photos to tell us what happens.

I started making up things for them to do that I will eventually submit to NASA if I dare. This nonsense is how I have fun so give me a chance and don’t abandon this blog just yet. I am going to give it great thought. Last weekend, I happen to watch a soccer game and thought this might work for a change of pace. I bet they have played baseball at one time or another. I read that one even ran the equivalent of the Boston Marathon. Now that’s something! Soccer it will be in my upcoming proposal. It is a hugely popular sport, even in the U.S. If they weren’t fans before, they can become new ones. I can see it now: the best soccer ball (after all, it’s NASA and they can afford the best), flying around at the touch of a foot in weightless gravity. Now that would be a challenge. The public relations aspect of it would boost the game in the eyes of the world, especially in America. It is already at its height in Europe and South America. The French, Germans, Italians, Spanish, Mexicans, Argentinians, and English are raving fans. Well, we can use more. It can be a real mania. Let’s let the astronauts in space put the game on a different footing (to make a groan-worthy pun).

Playing with a soccer ball in space would change the shape and size requirements no doubt. They already vary a little depending upon the players’ experience. I would have to do math calculations to test for the right features. Who then would provide the perfect ball? Of course, there will be many takers like Nike, Wilson, and Adidas. Public relations again rears its ugly head. Does anyone do anything with a profit motive and the goal of self-promotion? It’s the way of American business, my friend. Meanwhile, I am crafting a letter to NASA with just the right words. If they like it even a little bit, I will get busy on my calculations taking gravity into consideration. I may need some expert help in this regard. Meanwhile I must design some cool logo jerseys. Will they knee cleats, socks, or shin guards? There is a lot to do for this project.